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Spirometry Cardboard Mouthpieces

Disposable Cardboard Mouthpieces.

We manufacture the most extensive range of Disposable Cardboard Mouthpieces, in the market today, that are guaranteed LATEX and Chlorine free.

All our manufacturing equipment is exclusively used in the production of disposable medical devices. Under NO cicumstances are industrial products manufactured in our facility.

Our Cardboard Mouthieces comprise of three main component layers.

1) The Barrier coat.

2) Super Callendered outer layer.

3) PVA coated inner material.

Polyethylene coated barrier.

All Mouthpieces come standard with a 12 gram polyethylene coated barrier. This coating insures that there is no contact between the patients lips and the paper surface. This barrier eliminates the risk of a chemical reaction between the patient and chemicals in the paper.

The barrier also enhances the sealing between the mouthpiece and spirometric equipment reducing the risk of leakage. It also prevents the risk of the patients lips sticking to the mouthpiece. This happens when the paper is very dry and the saliva is transfered from the patients lips to the mouthpiece.

Super Callendered outer layer.

PVA coated inner material.

This is an 80% recycled Kraft paper with no bleach or chlorine; our contibution to the environment.

Our Carboard Mouthieces are manufactured for the following equipment.

  1. Spirometers.
  2. Peakflow Meters.
  3. Alcohol Breathalizers.
  4. CO Meters.
  5. Hyrogen Breath Analyzers.
  6. Lung Exercise Equipment.


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