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Spirometry One-Way Valve mouthpiece

This Spirometry one-way valve mouthpiece product is a single use device designed to prevent cross contamination between patients.

Spirometry Cardboard Mouthpieces with One-way Valve

Cardboard Mouthpiece with One-Way Valve.

This product is a single use device designed to prevent cross contamination between patients. The valve will allow exhalation through the Spirometer, but will NOT allow inhalation. By not being able to breath in, the risk of cross contamination is greatly reduced.

This One-Way valve mouthpiece is manufactured from our high quality cardboard and is fitted with a plastic injection moulded insert. The valve is then ultrasonically welded to the plastic insert and is structurally enhanced to prevent leaking. The Resistance of this product complies with ATS / ERS guidelines, and is LATEX and PVC free.

Our One-Way Valve mouthpiece is availible in 3 sizes.

  1. OW- 310.
  2. OW-320.
  3. OW-330.
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